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gloved hands screwing a golf cart tire on

How to Change a Golf Cart Tire

A nice set of golf cart tires aren’t just for looks — different types can help you cover different terrains and open up lanes you never thought possible. When it’s time to change out the stock tires for something more adventurous, you need to know how to replace them properly.
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golf cart on grass with buggies logo on top left

How to Transport a Golf Cart

Whether it’s cruising through the course on a golf retreat or a highly-hyped hunting trip—the perfect getaway isn’t perfect without the right ride. Bringing your golf cart with you on a trip gives you added mobility on a campsite or in town. If you don’t want to miss out on more memories, you need to know how to transport a golf cart.
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close up of golf cart tire

Tightening Wheel Lug Nuts Properly

Keeping your lug nuts properly tightened is important for many reasons. Loose lug nuts can cause cracked wheels, it can warp the lug holes in the rim causing wobbling and can cause uneven tire wear.
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