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golf cart on dirt road

How to Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Everybody wishes the “gas” pedal went about an inch further—they want a little extra “zip” in their ride. The good news is—your cart is ready to go faster. For Buggies Garage fans, it’s as easy as learning what simple parts and easy replacements can make your golf cart faster. Find out how to ramp up your time on the range, course, or street here.
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golf cart with cooler on the rack

Summer Golf Cart Accessories

Summer is around the corner and now is a great time to add some summer golf cart accessories to your buggie. Buggies Unlimited offers a wide selection of golf cart parts and accessories but we have a few specific upgrades you can make to your cart in the summer. Fans, coolers, new audio, rear seating for more riders and windshields are all great upgrade ideas.
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AC Conversion Kit

AC Conversion Kit

If you are looking to increase the overall efficiency of your cart, a Navitas AC Conversion Kit can help. It will give your cart improvements in range, battery life, and speed/torque performance.
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