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close up of golf cart battery

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Golf Cart

On a full charge, there’s nothing better than taking an E-Z-GO, Club Car or Yamaha out for a spin. When the power starts to drop and the charge is dying faster than before, it can get in the way of your fun. To make sure you’re getting every mile out of a charge, you want the right batteries in your cart.
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gloved hands screwing a golf cart tire on

How to Change a Golf Cart Tire

A nice set of golf cart tires aren’t just for looks — different types can help you cover different terrains and open up lanes you never thought possible. When it’s time to change out the stock tires for something more adventurous, you need to know how to replace them properly.
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golf cart on grass with buggies logo on top left

Why Does My Golf Cart Backfire?

Engines are always going to make noise — sometimes those noises are a sign of deeper issues. Ever heard an extra loud sound when the engine turns over? Usually, that’s the engine backfiring. At the wrong time, it’s embarrassing. Every time? It’s annoying. Learning what causes a golf cart engine to backfire and how to prevent it makes every ride better, keeping your cart running longer.
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AC Conversion Kit

AC Conversion Kit

If you are looking to increase the overall efficiency of your cart, a Navitas AC Conversion Kit can help. It will give your cart improvements in range, battery life, and speed/torque performance.
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