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How to Make Your Golf Cart Faster

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Everybody wishes the “gas” pedal went about an inch further—they want a little extra “zip” in their ride. The good news is—your cart is ready to go faster. For Buggies Garage fans, it’s as easy as learning what simple parts and easy replacements can make your golf cart faster. Find out how to ramp up your time on the range, course, or street here.

How fast do electric golf carts go?

The typical electric cart goes about 10-19 mph depending on the health of the battery, tires, terrain, and if it’s a fleet cart or personally owned. With that all being said, the speed of your cart can vary. Some carts are faster than others, and even altitude changes can affect how fast your electric cart goes.

Although 10-19 mph might not sound like much, it’s faster than most gas carts can go. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some gas carts out there that can give them a run for their money!

How to make your electric golf cart faster

According to the pros, there are five key ways to make your cart faster:

  • Decrease the weight of your cart
  • Upgrade the motor/Voltage and speed controller for your cart
  • Replace or upgrade your cart’s battery
  • Upgrade your cart’s tires

A lighter cart is a faster cart. With less strain on the motor, it can reach higher RPMs more easily, and the generated power can go farther faster.

An upgraded motor can really help you crank up the speed. The top brands make motors that can take your top speed up to 20-24 mph with the right controller for the motor. You can find the right fit, and type of motor for your cart easily with our performance upgrades.

NOTE: Upgrading your cart to speeds this high needs documentation. Your local legislature has agreed upon statutes for making a golf cart this fast. Checking to see what requirements your cart needs to go this speed is the most important step for members of the Buggies Garage.

Torque is the measurement of how much force your vehicle can put out to turn the wheels. With bigger wheels or steep inclines, you can feel your cart’s acceleration go down and potentially stick.

On older carts, the battery is usually the culprit when you can’t reach the same top speeds anymore. As batteries age, they start to lose power after years and years of charging. It’s best to check and replace your battery if it’s starting to slow you down.

If your battery is still fine, but you’re looking for a boost, check our supply of speed controllers. Options like the Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller Kit can take a 48-volt cart up to higher speeds. Get your speed to where you want it here.

Your cart’s tires are the connection to the road—if that connection’s bad, the transmission of speed to the road is bad, too. Worn tires don’t connect as evenly, making for bumpier rides with more wasted energy. Upgrading your tires is one of the easiest ways to make an electric golf cart faster. Find the perfect set here.

How fast do gas golf carts go?

Gas carts are a touch slower than electric carts with a top speed between 10-14 mph based on the year, make, and wear level. The good news is, like any other engine, there are a variety of upgrades available to help make your gas-powered Club Car, Yamaha, or E-Z-Go faster.

How to make your gas golf cart faster

  1. Add a performance clutch
  2. Run a tune-up
  3. Reduce the cart’s weight
  4. Upgrade the cart’s shocks
  5. Install upgraded tires

Tuning or upgrading your clutch helps your engine optimize the torque to horsepower ratio, boosting top speed and acceleration in tough situations. Find a clutch upgrade perfect for your riding style here.

Sometimes it’s engine sludge holding you back. For gas golf carts, a standard tune-up could be the fix to help you go fast. There’s a wide variety of tune-up kits for manufacturers like E-Z-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, and more. Get started getting faster with a tune-up kit.

An easy way to reduce a cart’s weight is with a set of lightweight, high-quality aluminum wheels. When every ounce counts, you can feel a real difference just from swapping out four pieces of steel for aluminum. While in smaller sizes, aluminum can be strong enough for anything and still lighter than steel and other mixes, it’s important to check the weight listed on the product pages of our sites. Get a set to match your ride here.

Older shocks that cause wheels to bounce up and down more frequently are another huge culprit of speed loss. An upgraded, sports-tuned set of springs or shocks may be the perfect solution. Get a smoother, speedier ride with upgraded rear springs or shocks today!

Just like with electric carts, gas carts go faster with fresh tires. Find the right set here.

The best cart is driven fast and driven smart.

We all want to go fast—but it’s important to remember to stay cautious. Be sure to know your local laws for riding, and always make sure your suped-up cart (and yourself) is capable of hitting the road safely.

Gas or electric, what really matters is what you do with the time you saved from upgrading your speed! Some people need to get to town faster, some people just want to beat their friends to the green. No matter the need — you can find what makes your gas or electric cart faster at Buggies Unlimited!

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