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Windshields 101

golf cart with one piece windshield

When it comes to picking out a golf cart windshield, there are a lot of options. The first step in choosing the right windshield for your golf cart is to figure out the make and model of your cart. If you need help with this, we have a cart identification guide.

Choosing A Style

Next you will want to decide whether you want a clear windshield or a tinted windshield. From here you can then choose between a fold down design or a one-piece design. A fold-down windshield has a hinge in the middle that allows you to fold the windshield down that will allow for better air flow. Or, you can fold it up to protect you from the elements.

Fold Down Windshield

Our fold down windshields come in two thicknesses, a standard 5/32 and a quarter inch thick. The quarter inch thick acrylic is our thicker, higher density, premium windshield material. A wing windshield wraps around the sides of the struts to give you the maximum wind deflection.

One-Piece Windshield

One-piece windshields offer an unobstructed view and comes in a DoD approved version. They also offer a polycarbonate windshield that’s DOT approved that is required in some states for street use.

Installing Your Windshield

There are two main ways to secure your windshield: Bolt style and our quick connect option. Bolt style is just that you bolt the windshield on, but you can’t remove it unless you have tools handy. The Quick Connect style on the other hand allows you to easily remove the windshield when you’re transporting and put it back on without the use of tools.

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