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Golf Cart Buying Guide

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What could be better than cruising with a friend in an E-Z-GO, Yamaha, or Club Car? Having one to call your own.

Finding out which golf cart is the best for you isn’t a simple solution—but that’s why we’re here to help! In this quick guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to choose a golf cart that’s right for you.

How to choose a golf cart

The first choice you’ll need to make when buying a golf cart is the powertrain—are you going gas, or electric? From there, the options only expand. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s your world—what features do you want more? Sound systems, cab space, speed, capacity?

It can all be a little much to look at, so we checked with the Buggies Garage. Here are the top considerations and what to look for when buying a golf cart:

  • Gas vs. electric: Electric carts can go a little faster, and offer a lot of upgrades for speed/endurance. However, gas carts are easier to fuel in a pinch and offer a certain reliability.
  • Cargo space: If you’re hitting the links, obviously you need storage for your bags. But, that’s only the beginning of what you can do with your cart. If you’re riding into town, picking up the kids, or tooling around the neighborhood with friends, you’re going to want to consider the rider capacity of your cart.
  • Local Laws: There are tons of places that have reasonable D.O.T. standards that make your cart road-worthy, but understanding which carts can—and cannot ride on your local roads is important. Some communities don’t allow gas carts or certain upgrades entirely.
  • Reliability: You need your cart to work as hard as you do. Finding a make, model, and trim that gets you where you need to go is key. No matter what you need to keep it on the trail, you can find the right parts for the most reliable carts here.

What to look for when buying a golf cart

When you’re buying a golf cart, the most important thing to consider is how you’ll use it. A lot of riders use them at the club or for jetting through the neighborhood. Others want to upgrade, enhance, and transform their carts into capable offroad vehicles. Which are you?

No matter what you need, there’s a variety of ways to upgrade your cart that can meet your needs—whether it’s storage, battery life, heavy-duty suspension, or the right camo to take your cart out hunting.

Your lifestyle determines how you’ll use your cart more than anything. Knowing what models from what brands can accommodate your needs is key. Here are some of the most popular ways to shape your cart to your demands:

Most popular golf cart upgrades

How much does a golf cart cost?

If you’re buying new, you can expect any model to range anywhere from $9K to $18K on average. The used market has a lot more variables. You can find a cart in tip-top shape for under $2K, or walk away with a $500 cart that needs a full battery system replacement which will run you about $1K. For speed controllers and other parts that can lengthen the longitude of your cart’s battery system, click here.

At Buggies Unlimited, we’ve seen used deals go great and used deals go poorly. There’s no guarantees when buying a used cart, but the best way to ensure a good deal is to research the make, model year, and any factory defects that might come up and test-drive it yourself.

When you buy new, you’re getting a warranty that can protect you from almost any performance-based issues. When you buy used, you should be a bit more careful. Either way, getting the most out of your money—used or new—means finding the cart make and model that works best for you from the start.

What is the best golf cart brand?

At Buggies Unlimited, we’ve seen the coolest, most out-of-this-world carts. One thing we’ve learned is they come in all shapes and sizes. While there are hundreds of Buggies Garage fans debating about the best, we want to give you a look at our top 3 brands to buy for a new golf cart:

As a staple in the golf cart community for decades, E-Z-GO has staked their name on quality, durability, and comfort. With a strong, welded steel frame and almost endless options for customization, E-Z-GO owners are happy to get long-lasting quality and updateable carts. It’s easy to find replacement parts, so riders can get their cart up to—and keep it at a speed of 19.5 MPH.

There’s no hill too high, or no night too dark to keep your E-Z-GO from trekking through it all. With the right aftermarket upgrades, any cart can reach pro-status. Browse from the best, and find the parts you need to get your E-Z-GO going shopping at Buggies Unlimited.

By taking the time to consider what it means to drive, Yamaha’s come up with one of the most ergonomic, driver-friendly dashes in the industry. With an “automotive style dash”, everything is where you think it should be—just like in your car.

On top of a stellar cab, Yamaha’s suspension and battery are considered to be top-of-the-line. The independent front and rear suspension has been a feature of these carts for many years, so buying used can find a smoother ride for less money.

For the best suspension, sound systems, lighting and lifts—owners go aftermarket. Buggies Unlimited is the most trusted source for high-quality and value. Find the parts and accessories to upgrade your Yamaha today.

Club Car
For the discerning driver, Club Car may take the podium for handling and offroad capability. Any cart can become the perfect hunting vehicle, but Club Car’s stock options make it easy to upgrade. Owners love the tight turning radius, and smooth suspension. Coupled with a lightweight aluminum frame, these might be the models for those that really want to move.

For any Club Car, there’s ways to go faster, and enjoy more. Find the best parts and accessories to upgrade your Club Car here!

What is the average lifespan of a golf cart?

When maintained properly, your golf cart chassis can last 30-40 years. This means checking the tires, keeping the battery charged and watered (if it’s a lead-acid battery), and making sure that all of the “wear” parts are in working order. If you need to replace or repair your cart, Buggies Unlimited has what you need. Find any part for your cart here.

With such a long lifespan, your golf cart becomes an asset. Knowing what it’s worth can help you down the road when it’s time to upgrade, fix, or replace.

Do golf carts hold their value?

To put it shortly, golf carts hold their value—if you do. Proper care, maintenance, and timely upgrades keep your cart up to snuff to take to Pebble Beach, the Hollywood Hills, or down to the holler for hunting. Just like your car, truck, or van—your cart holds its value just fine if you maintain it well.

Your cart’s resale value will also increase if you’ve made any upgrades. A new rear seat or front dash is important to mention if you’re looking to sell your cart. On top of that, whatever wheels you’ve added or battery controllers you’ve installed can add additional value to your cart.

Buying the best golf cart for you

The best carts can make for the best days of your year. If you take the time, do a little research, and learn what you need most, you’re setting up your weekends, evenings, day trips, and even errands to be easier. Once you’ve found the best golf cart for you, be sure to get the upgrades and accessories that set you apart and make every trip more memorable. Find the best at Buggies Unlimited today!

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